Palmers 1965 - 40th Anniversary Celebration

Page last updated : 24 February 2006 (Added pictures.)


We held a celebration to mark the 40th anniversary of our first attendance at Palmers School in 1965. 14 pupils and 2 teachers met at Mason's Restaurant in Brentwood for a few(!) drinks and a meal.

Those present were :
Teachers - Keith Davies, Frank Smith
Pupils - John Beadle, Martin Carroll, Dave Cooper, Steve Cordery, Dave Foley, Graeme Haig, Phil Lafferty, Pradeep Mohile, Kim Patchett, Ian Pescott, Dave Ridley, Graham Rogers, Richard Snoxall, Martin Wakefield.
A great time was had by all and we are now looking for an excuse for the next get-together. Perhaps the 300th anniversary of the school in 2006?

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