Palmers 1965 - Photographs

Page last updated : 24 February 2006 (Mentioned 40th Anniversary pictures.)


For the time being, this page is just a means of seeing the Palmers 1965 photos that I have not loaded onto the main Yahoo Group site. In particular, it contains full resolution versions of the photos I have taken at reunions. These are slow to load and take up a lot of space so I have not put them on the main site, but they are more suitable for printing. I will eventually sort this out properly with "thumbnails" so that you can see a smaller version of each picture to help you choose the ones you want.

For photos from the 40th Anniversary Reunion, go to the celebration page and scroll down to the photo links.

Please feel free to download the images to print off for your own use but they are not to be used for commercial gain. To save an image, click on the link to display the photograph. Then use the browser's "Save As" feature to get a copy onto your own computer. For the more computer literate, you can get it straight out of the cache.


Dave Foley, Martin Carroll

Graeme Haig, Pradeep Mohile, Ted Davey

Ian Pescott, Gary Littlechild

Michael Hamblin, Graeme Haig, Pradeep Mohile, Ted Davey

Steve Cordery, Michael Hamblin

Dave Foley, Martin Carroll, Michael Hamblin, Graeme Haig, Ted Davey

Martin Carroll, Graeme Haig, Dave Foley, Kim Patchett, Gary Littlechild

Ian Pescott, Steve Cordery, Pradeep Mohile, Ted Davey